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Are you a Senior or Junior in High School? If so than I have but one question to ask you….Are you ready to have some fun? You are looking for someone to take your photos and bring out the inner you, showing your best qualities, well that is something that I do and I like to do it having fun.

To me photography isn’t fun if we can’t laugh and have a good time, all the while snapping some interesting, Awesome shots.

If you’d like to set up a shoot with us here is some good information you might like to know.

~~ Bring lots of outfits, different cloths, accessories, jewelry, props, whatever you want. What can we add to the photo to make it better, making it more you, and unique from all the others you have seen. If you are into cheerleading bring the pom poms, if you are into Karate bring your Gi, if you are into dirt biking bring the dirt bike and riding gear.

~~ Bring some family whether it’s mom, dad, sister and brother, its more personable to have family there supporting you and cheering you on. The flip side of that, if little brother or sister annoys you, or something like that, we don’t want to have people there the would hinder your ability to let loose in the photos.

~~ Bring you Ipod or bring your music CDs! We have got to have some tunes on, something to jam to, and before long we will be grooving. We have a plug in for your Ipod and I’m open to listen to whatever music you have. And we also have a CD player ready to jam. This is all dependent, if we are shooting in the studio, we can always take it with us if that is your wish.

~~ Be ready to travel a little bit, as we might not shooting totally in the studio, we may like to shoot in one of the surround areas or beautiful beaches.

~~ We have the snacks and goodies, sodas and water just for you ( and your family). Starting out in the studio, we like to treat our guests as if they are family and as the shoot progress and you are totally relaxed and having fun, don’t be afraid to lets us know if you need a break, a drink, or even lunch.

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