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For me photography is visually capturing memories.  I personally like to capture those life moments creatively with my camera.  Not everyone will see what I see, I try can take a picture of more than just the subject but also the emotion and the story it tells.  When photographing families on the beach, I like to instill fun and laugher, and make it an experience they won’t soon forget.  Not only do we get the images you set out to get with me as your photographer, but also a lot of fun and emotionally charged ones.

At a wedding, I’ll document your special day, but I’d also like to get creative with you and snap some fairy tale images that you might not get with an amateur with a camera.  Over the years, and many weddings later, I have come up with a lot of creative ways to make more photos for you on your wedding day.  If given the time to photograph, you, your family and friends, I can come up with some amazing images.

Photographing high school seniors and various types of models, allows me to stretch my creative legs so to speak and have a blast coming up with new images and fun photos you might not otherwise get just with anyone.

For me, photographing you, your family, or your event, is a true honor, as you are trusting me and experience behind the camera, to make those memories something you can take home and remember again and again.  You never know when you may lose loved ones, god forbid, and having those photographic memories is a blessing.  If I’m your photographer, you better believe I’ll be snapping away, catching those story telling memories.

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