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If you are looking to visit any of our fine cities or towns like Ocean City, Bethany Beach, Dewey, Rehoboth, or surrounding areas, and you brought your whole family with you then a Beach Portrait is the way to go, with bringing back those memories you’ll cherish forever.The children maybe young now, but they grow up fast, or it could be that rare event with getting all your family together, which makes these photographs so desirable.

With Hitched Photography you are in good hands. We will make it fun and an adventure all in itself.

What should we wear for this photograph on the beach?

I’d recommend wearing white shirts, or light color shirts, with little to no markings on them. And wearing shorts or jeans would work just fine.  Skirts aren’t advised but we can work with them.  With multiple families you might consider one family wearing one light color like a light blue and another family wearing another light color like a light yellow. It would be best to wear flip flops or sandals so that you can easily take them off they will look more “beachy” in the photo.  With smaller families, like 3 or 4 members, feel free to bring an extra outfit or change of shirt, this will give you more of a variety of images later.

What time of day will you take the beach portrait?

The best time during the day would be the evening time. In the middle of summer the sun can set around 8:30 pm and we would like to meet up around 7:00 – 7:30 pm to get organized and get ready to shoot. If there is a lot of cloud cover we can shoot earlier and chances are we would just move the shoot to around 5 pm or 7 pm. The reasoning behind photographing at sunset is because people will squint less with the sun not directly in their eyes. As well as the shadows will be less harsh on your skin at that time.

Where do we meet up with you for our beach portrait?

* * If you are staying in or around Ocean City, we’d meet up at the Fenwick Island State Park, just north of Fenwick Island.

* * If you are staying around Bethany Beach, you have the options of Fenwick Island State Park (south) Dewey Beach(north), or Cape Henlopen (north).

* * Dewey Beach people same thing, you have options – Dewey Beach spot (south) or Cape Henlopen(north)

* * If you are in Rehoboth Beach, we recommend the Cape Henlopen (north) or the Dewey Beach Spot (south)


Some of our favorite beach portrait locations

View Beach Portrait Locations in a larger map

What if we have multiple families in our Group Beach Portrait, will you break them up?

Yes, after we get a nice group shot photographed, I like to break up the larger group into smaller configurations. I’m out there already and we are having fun, why not get more photos. It’s also a great way for families to save money by going in together on the cost. And I don’t stop there with the family photographs, if you’d like we can do all grand children with grandparents, or mom with all her kids, or dad with all the kids, we can even take some fun romantic shots of mom and dad while we are out there. So this way everyone has some images to look forward to in the gallery.

What is the cost or price of the Beach Portrait?

We have the one price; kind of a one price fits all type of thing. And that is $300 which includes the creation fee (aka sitting fee), online gallery, one 11×14 of your choice and three 5x7s of your choice. There are no hidden fees and no surprise costs. If you would like to purchase additional images you can easily do so from your online gallery and if you have any special requests like a 20×30 canvas wrap just give me a call or email. If you would like a disc with all images on them, considered the Negatives Disc, you can pick that up for an addition charge.

What about a deposit to secure the date?

A deposit is preferred to reserve the date you are requesting, which could be in the $150 (half down) or $300 (paid in full), whichever you feel comfortable with. There could be all kinds of unforeseen circumstances that might have us change days or cancel the shoot, such as family problems, bad sun burns, having to return home suddenly, in these cases your deposit would be refunded to you.

When should I schedule our Beach Portrait with you and What if it rains?

When you know you are coming into town, it would be best to call us and book your date. If you are coming in on a Friday or Saturday, chances are we’ll schedule it for the very next Sunday, Monday or Tuesday after you arrive. It’s always nice to take a day or so to yourselves to rest up and relax. Get into that beach mentality.

And if it rains, we’ll aim for the very next day after it rains or even a couple of days after.  All else fails, it rains all week and you have to leave, we’ll refund your deposit back, so there is nothing lost.

Our Beach Portrait Package pricing?

For Family Beach Portraits with quality and flare, Hitched Photography will take you and your family to the beach for a fun photographic event.

Family’s ranging in size from 2 – 30 members welcome.

Package includes:

Creation Fee – (approx 75 – 200 images taken)

Online gallery for viewing your photos and easy ordering.

One – 11 x 14 Print of your choice

Three – 5×7 prints (of your choice)



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